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During the go2know photo tours and the photo base you can explore secret and exciting lost places freely. Touring with us, you will get plenty of time to immerse into the places in detail. Discover abandoned sanatoriums, old barracks, a vacated amusement park, deteriorated factories and forgotten prestige objects from the GDR era. Experience great historical details about these secret places and take home impressing and monumental photographs as a souvenir.

Booking and payment

Does the person accompanying me have to pay?
On the photo tours and workshops, every participant has to pay. The vacancies of a tour are strictly limited and very much on demand. Participants who are not taking photos can get a special tour through the buildings and the sites.

Do I have to pay for a model?
Yes. But there are no further charges or fees at go2know tours for non-commercial shootings.

Are there group reductions?
As each free space is sold individually, each participant pays one admission. Therefore we do not offer any group reductions.

How can I pay?
During the booking process you can choose between the following payment options:

  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer
  • SOFORT Überweisung


Are there still more dates throughout the year?
Yes. But as the locations are lost places, a longterm scheduling of tours is difficult. As long as no site-specific problems appear which would make a tour impossible, new dates will be added to our program frequently.

Can a date be cancelled by go2know?
This is absolutely rare but can it in fact happen. The tours often take place in abandoned places. Here, situations can arise which make a tour impossible. (Sale of the object or damages which imply a safety hazard). In those cases we will inform you in due time and find an appropriate alternative tour for you.

Can a tour be cancelled due to bad weather conditions?
So far this case has never happened. As many participants have scheduled their trip elaborately, we do not cancel a tour due to bad weather. In case the weather will develop in an unacceptable way, we will immediately get in touch with you and offer an alternative tour.

Rebooking, cancellation and nonattendance

Can I rebook a tour?
Yes. Tours can be changed until 3 days ahead of the tour start and the rebooking fee is 15 Euro per person.

Can I cancel a booking of a tour?
A cancellation is not possible. Therefore, in case you wish to pick a new date for a tour, please let us know in due time.

What happens if I do not show up?
In case of nonattendance you are obliged to pay for the whole tour admission. Therefore please always let us know in due time if you can not attend, so others will have the chance to take part in the much requested tour.


How can I redeem a voucher?
If you have a voucher, go ahead and book a tour on the chosen date in our shop. The vouchers are not valid for some tours that are not bookable in our shop (for example workshops by “Foto Wichern” and the photo tours on Tempelhof). During the booking process, please fill in the voucher code in the comment line. After the booking, we will charge the order value against the voucher value and will update you on the status via e-mail.

How long is a voucher valid?
The voucher is valid for unlimited time until it is redeemed and cleared.

Is a voucher transferable?
Yes. As the voucher has a voucher code, it is not personalised.

For what can I use the voucher?
The voucher is valid for all events which are bookable in the shop on www.go2know.de and can be redeemed here.

For what can I not use the voucher?
The voucher is not valid for photo tours or workshops that are not bookable in the shop on www.go2know.de. Those offers include for example the workshops by “Foto Wichern” and the photo tours on Tempelhof.

What happens to the remaining balance of the voucher?
Any remaining balances are preserved and will be charged against the next registration.

When does the voucher get shipped?
We ship the vouchers immediately after the order, so that the gift card should be reaching you 3-4 days later. The voucher is valid as soon as it is paid for.


How do I get to know the exact meeting point?
After your order, you will be listed in the participant list of the booked tour. The listing will be confirmed via e-mail. With this e-mail you will also get a detailed journey description for your arrival by car (including GPS data and address) and by public transport (including timetable) as well as hotel information and some great travel tips for the surroundings.

Are there plans for the buildings and terrains for each tour?
Yes. We prepare floor plans for the buildings and general maps for the terrains for each tour, which you can print out and collect after the tour. Those plans and maps are helpful during the tour to get orientation and convey interesting historical details about the place at the same time. You get the plans as pdf data together with the journey description.

During the tour

Can I move freely?
Yes. You can move totally free on the terrain and in the buildings and discover your motives on your own. Our guides are always en route and will take care for your security. Plus you will get an introduction regarding what you should pay attention to on site.

Are there guided tours during the photo tours?
As you can move freely on the terrain, there are no closed groups. A group tour is therefore not planned. The tour guides will rather go individually with you and show you the nicest motifs. Like this, guided tours can take place any time individually. While doing this, our guides will tell you great anecdotes and answer every question.

Are there groups?
No. All participants are spread over the buildings and the terrain in the best possible way, in order not to disturb each other while taking pictures.

How many participants are on each tour?
The maximum number of participants differs from place to place and is restricted so participants will not be standing in each other’s way during photography.

How many participants are minimum?
There is no minimum number of participants. Many participants travel long distances and have planned the trip elaborately. We do not cancel a tour due to a small number of participants.

Can I bring my dog?
Yes. But please note that there are many potentially dangerous objects lying on the ground (for example broken glass). We do not want your dog to hurt his paws.

Can I ride my bike on the terrain?
Yes. And that can be quite useful. But please look out to not leave your bicycle standing in the frame.

Are there parking spaces?
Yes. Your vehicle will be close by and you can reach it during the tour easily. But please do not leave valuables in the parked car. Parking directly on the site or in front of the buildings is permitted by agreement of the guides only.

Is there an on-site toilet?
Not generally, as the buildings are abandoned. Exception is the photo base, for which we always rent a Dixi toilet.

How about food and drinks during the tours?
As the tours can take a very long time, you should always equip yourself with food and drinks.

Is there a go2know base on every tour?
We try to set up a central meeting point during each tour. Some of those bases have tables and chairs for you to relax. At the base there will be always a guide available for contact. The guide will tell you all the background stories about the place and show you historical photographs. The base is also the ideal meeting point to exchange yourself with others and talk shop.

Is there a phone number for emergencies happening during tours or in case I get lost?
(only active during tours)

  Emergency number:
Tourhandy Beelitz Heilstätten:
Tourhandy Wünsdorf:
Tourhandy Hohenlychen:
01577 / 339 29 22
01575 / 243 86 30
01575 / 243 86 31
01573 / 197 30 59


How should I dress?
As there is a lot of broken glass lying on the floors, we recommend to wear sturdy shoes. Within the buildings it is furthermore rather cool and humid. Therefore please dress a bit warmer than usual. Please note as well that your clothes should bear a lot of dirt.

What should my photography equipment be like?
In the buildings it is often quite dark. That is why we recommend a tripod. For the selection of your lenses or other parts of your photo equipment we would rather refrain from making a recommendation as we do not know your preferences. Our only advice is to rather bring a bit more than less. Otherwise, something important might be missing during the tour.

What else should I bring?
In the dark rooms, basements and tunnels you should always carry a good torch with you. Also please take care for food. During a long tour, hunger might come faster than you expect.

Check list:

  • Sturdy shoes
  • Warm clothes, that can get dirty
  • Torch
  • Tripod (for bulb exposure & HDR shots)
  • Microfiber cloth for lens cleaning (in rain)
  • Loaded batteries (or replacement batteries) – watch out: in the cold, batteries will not last as long as usual.
  • Empty memory cards
  • Food and drinks

Models and shootings

May I bring a model?
Yes, on particular tours, model shootings are permitted. During the photo walks and in certain places, those shootings are not permitted. You get this information within the individual tour descriptions.

Please take care for the other participants during shooting. Please do not dwell on a certain motif for too long and do not place your equipment in the visible areas.

A ticket has to be booked for each participating person.

Do I have to pay for the model, the visa and the assistants?
Yes, each participating person has to book a ticket.

Are there changing facilities on site?
During the photo tours we can try to set up a room for you if you like. Please check with our guides on site before the tour starts.

Is there a WC on site?
Normally not, because the buildings are abandoned. An exception are the photo bases, for which we rent a WC.

Is there water on site?
There is no running water on site.

Can I drive my car up to the building entry on the terrain?
For loading and unloading you can drive your car on the terrain shortly. Please check with our guides on site before the tour starts.

Please note that in some locations, act shooting is not permitted. Shooting photos with a content that is political, a glorification of war or violence as well as displeasing or degrading shots are generally not permitted.

Commercial use of photos

May I use my photos commercially?
If your photos are being shot during the regular photo tours, the photo base or the workshops, you are not allowed to use the photos for commercial purposes.

May I publish my photos?
You may publish the photos which you have taken during photo base, photo tour or workshop, for example on your website, in social networks, blogs or exhibitions. A publication for commercial purposes and press is not permitted.

What does commercial use mean?
Commercial use means every use by which you or any third party generate funds (sale of digital copies, prints, posters, postcards, books), or facilitate financial operations (e.g. advertising, press & media, promotional presentations like flyers or posters and remittance work).

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